Monday, June 30, 2008

Mafia Boss Jiang Yanhu

Even though messages and postings were promptly deleted, more details of the Weng'an uprising emerged on the Internet. The Mafia boss who instructed local police to release the murderers of a 15 years old girl is Jiang Yanhu, a top CCP Party official in Guizhou Province.

Jiang Yanhu is the Director of Guizhou Security Bureau, First Political Director of the militarized police in Guizhou, standing committee member of the CCP Guizhou Party, and the vice speaker of the Guizhou provincial legislature.

Jiang Yanhu was a colleague of Chinese President Hu Jintao, when Hu was the governor of Guizhou. Now every ordinary people in China knows whom to blame, let's wipe our eyes to see how long can Hu pretend nothing had happened.

The story has been picked up by western media:

  • Associated Press: Police Move to Arrest China Protesters
  • Reuters: China Announces Olympics Stability Drive After Riot
  • New York Times: Chinese Riot over Handling of Girl's Killing
  • Washington Post: Thousands in Southwestern China Riot over Alleged Coverup
  • AFP: China Acts to Preempt Unrest as Olympics Near

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