Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Boycott Beijing Olympics, Shall We?

What happened on the night of the death of the 15 years old girl Li Shufen could remain a mystery forever, at least that's the impression after watching the broadcast news conference held by the Guizhou Government.

In the official account released by the Guizhou Government, the girl was asked out with two boys. They had dinner then walked to a bridge. Then one of the boy, the government stated he was the girl's boyfriend, a fact disputed by the victim's family, did some push-up and left. Then the other boy, friend of the former boy, started doing 'push-up' on the bridge. While he was doing 'push-up', the girl jumped over the bridge.

The government's conclusion was suicide. Too many high-profile cases in the past a few years ended up with the victims being suicided. 'To be suicided' has since become a popular Internet jargon.

Another joke point of the news conference was that the Q&A session was not only rehearsed, but also staged and played out by substitute actors and actresses. There were quite a few reporters from overseas media, such as from Hong Kong and Taiwan. However, all of these reporters spoke in a heavy local accent.

We had defended the Chinese government on Tibetan issues, we had cheered the Olympic Torch, but unless the government conduct a thorough investigation into the scandal and cover-up by high level officials in this candle, we will boycott the Beijing Olympics!

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