Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Day, Another Penis

Attorney at law Mr. Liu Xiaoyuan, a diligent blogger took a call at 10:50 Oct 18, 2008. A security guard described how he was wrongly detailed by police, and how police tortured him inside the police station, including tasering his penis.

Months agao, citizen Yang Jia fataly stabbed seven Shanghai police at Zhabei Police Headquarter. Shanghai police kidnapped (possibily killed) Yang's mother in revenge. While Yang's death executation is awaiting for green light from the supreme court, another day, another pennis.

What are Chinese police force made of? Outsiders should know to watch out their backs when travelling in Singapor, and so should they do this same favor to their private part if travel in China.

4:30pm, Mr. Liu took another call, which caller-id showed '*". Without revealing his identy, the called threatened Mr. Liu not accept any interview from oversea media, otherwise be prepread to assume 'consequences' after tomorrow's sentencing of the Yang Jia case.

Mr. Liu Xiaoyuan is a laywer of the Beijing Yitong Law Firm. The official website of the firm is filtered by the Great Firewall of China. A click fromn oversea will return a DNS error, for example.

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