Friday, October 31, 2008

Victim's Mother Feared to have been Suicided by Shanghai Police

Bing Suicided: verb (Chinese Internet), a person who is killed, and subsequently is declared to have committed suicide by the Communism government

It has been three months since Yang Jia's mother was kidnapped by Shanghai Police. Although Shanghai Government claimed to have contact with her, including obtaining her agreement to assign a Shanghai government employee to be Yang Jia's defense lawyer, nobody outside Shanghai government has seen her since.

Lawyers close to the case were circulating a rumor today that Yang Jia's mother had been 'suicided' by the Shanghai Police. Victims or related persons are often suicided by police in China. However, so far, in recent years that almost always happened in remote rural counties. In larger cities, people are often jailed or simply beaten instead. For example, lawyer Zheng Enchong of Shanghai was jailed 5 years for representing people who lost home to government sponsored development in a civil case against real estate developers. It is a rare incident that a relative of victim is suicided by the police in a large city like Shanghai.

Yang Jia, a Beijing resident, was unlawfully detained and beaten by Shanghai police on a leisure trip. Shanghai police beat Yang's penis, and made Yang incompete permanently. After being released, Yang complained through official channels but Shanghai police refused to apologize. After a year long procedure going nowhere, Yang stabbed 6 Shanghai Police who had beaten him with a knife. Yang's mother Ms. Wang Jing was kidnapped by Shanghai police under the nose of Beijing Police. Yang was sentenced to death by Shanghai court.

Dozens of attorneys rushed to defend Yang on pro bono, with authorization from Yang's father. However, they were denied access on the basis that the Shanghai government had obtained Yang's mother's request to assign a Shanghai government lawyer to represent Yang. Because no one besides the Shanghai government had access to Yang's mother, the arrangement could not be challenged.

The purpose of the arranged lawyer is largely to have hide what had happened, and the lawyer assigned by the Shanghai government achieved just that by avoid asking any question regarding the original unlawful arrest and beaten at all.

Now that the trail was over, and Yang was sentenced to death, Yang's mother was subsequently conveniently suicided by the Shanghai Police.

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