Monday, November 03, 2008

Wife of PKU Party Boss Accused of Stealing

Ms. Yang Rui, wife of a deputy Party Boss of Beijing University, was accused by friends of relatives of stealing from Dr. Ji Xianlin, a Beijing University professor, and attempted murdering the old professor to cover up. Mr. Xu Hongzhi, the president of Beijing University was accused of detaining Dr. Ji to cover the scandal.

99 years old scholar Ji Xinlin is a respectable living 'national treasure', and the only one of such. Because of his health condition, he lives in a top security military hospital (PLA 301 Hospital). Any visiting must be granted directly by the president of the Beijing University, a minister level communism party leader. Dr. Ji is a most reputable figure in China, and enjoys great respect from the ruling party, peer scholars, students and the public. Prime minister Wen Jiabao visited Dr. Ji three times in the hospital.

Recent Internet posts alleged Ms. Yang Rui was named to be Mr. Ji's secretary. While Dr. Ji being away from home in the 301 hospital, Ms. Yang Rui stole vast amount of personal collections from Mr. Ji's residence. Some of these stolen items surfaced in collectible auctions, which led to the revealing of this scandal. A buyer familiar with Dr. Ji bought the items, and notified the Beijing University. Then, it was alleged that Ms. Yang tried to kill Mr. Jin to cover this up. Because Ms. Yang Rui is wife of the deputy communism party boss of Beijing University Mr. Wu Zhipan, both the president of Beijing University and the party boss of Beijing University ordered a broad scale cover up op. Dr. Ji was put under house arrest in the 301 hospital. Dr. Ji's friends and family members were prohibited from visiting.

This is very strange, very weird, very unreal, because of Dr. Ji's 'national treasure' social status, and because of his personal connections to the top level party officials, including the current prime minister Mr. Wen Jiabao. However, a prominent and influential public figure, Mr. Tang Shizen, a former People's Daily reporter, endorsed the allegation on his Blog. Tang, a Beijing University graduate and Ji's student, detailed how he rushed to save Dr. Ji's life after having been tipped of the situation. Then Mr. Ji's granddaughter Ji Qing published an open letter to the president and party boss of Beijing University about the incident. Ji Qing accused of them lying to Mr. Wen Jiabao about Dr. Ji's situation. Finally, Dr. Ji said himself, that he did not want to stay in the 301 hospital, and that he had to pay for the hospitalization. It is reported that Mr. Xu Hongzhi visited Dr. Ji when the scandal broke, but Dr. Ji refused to have dinner with him.

It is an unusual detail that Dr. Ji mentioned about payment. Public figures like Mr. Ji would even have a choice to pay out of pocket on medical treatment. It sounds as bazaar as hearing Mr. Hu Jintao complained on his apartment rent or monthly utility bill.

People never understand how greedy some party leaders or wife of party leaders can be, nor could people understand how far other party leaders are willing to go to cover their commarades asses. All we can say is that: this is a magic land, where unthinkable are be made true under the party's leadership. However, it is still sad to see a once elite university fell in the hands of a few clowns. It will also be interesting to see whether Mr. Wen Jiabao will turn a deaf ear to these serious boiling 'allegations'.

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