Saturday, November 01, 2008

Senior Official Suspended after Assulting Preteen Girl in Public

A senior official was suspended after being caught sexually assaulted an 11 years old girl by surveillance camera.

In the evening of Oct 29, 2008, Chen family went to an upscale restaurant in Shenzhen to have dinner buffet. A male adult asked their 11 years old daughter the location of restroom, and asked her to lead him to the restroom. When they were approaching the restroom, the male adult suddenly grabbed the girl by her neck, and dragged her in the male restroom. The girl was able to break away, and ran for her parents. When the parents came to check it out, the male adult claimed it was not a big deal, and that he could pay RMB Yuan 100,000 for 'the service'. The male adult also exclaimed that he was a senior official, the same ranking of "your major (Shenzhen was No. 6 city in China in terms of population, and No. 3 in terms of size of economy)". Police was called, and both parties were sermoned to the local police station. The male adult revealed his identity to the police and was released, before he verbally threatened the girl's life in front of the police. The male adult's identity was not revealed to the victim's family.

It had been known that communism officials often sexually assault young girls, some were killed after being raped. However, this incident was unusually toxic to the ruling party because 1) it was caught on tape; 2) it resonated with the new wealthy middle class because it happened in an upscale restaurant. By all means, the incident is incredible and bazaar.

The event went a sharp turn after angry parents post a surveillance vedio of the entire incident on the Internet. The male adult was identified by Chinese Netizens to be Mr. Lin Jiaxiang, the Communism Party Boss and Chief Disciplinary Head of the Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration. Within days, the surveillance video footage was cross-posted to numerous Chinese website and discussion boards.

The central government announced the incident would be thoroughly investigated. A promptly dispatched task force comprised of officials from the Department of Transportation arrived Shenzhen on Oct 31, 2008. During the mean time, Mr. Lin would be suspended from his official function. If the investigation showed wrong doings of Mr. Lin, the central government promised Mr. Lin would be reprimanded.

At this time, the official webpage of the Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration is blocked by the Great Fire Wall of China, the Golden Shield Project from outside access.

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