Thursday, October 29, 2009

Capitalism on Deadly River

Three college students drowned when they were trying to rescue two kids from icy water. Chen Jishi, He Dongxu and Fang Zhao are all freshmen of the Changjiang University in Xiangfan, Hubei. In the afternoon of Saturday October 24, 2009, around 30 classmates were holding a picnic on the bank of Yangtze River. At 2:10, suddenly they heard crying "Somebody fell in water!" Two teenage kids were struggling in the river. They rushed to the scene. Most of them do not swim, so they formed a human ladder to reach to sinking kids. They saved the two kids. Moments later, the 'ladder' was broken by a wave and three of them lost their lives.

The place was a popular tourists destination. It was in bright day light. Many fishing boats were around. When one of the bodies were found, it was within three yards of one of the fishing boats.

A investigative report revealed fishermen refused to safe the drowning college students. They refused to throw a life jacket or even a wooden board when asked by other students. They were waiting.

They were waiting because at running rate, the price tag to lift one body is 12,000 RMB ($2,000). They were waiting to make some money. When University officials came, they were promised the money, but they only recovered two bodies. Then they stopped, and waited for a cash payment before they would recover the third body.

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