Friday, October 09, 2009

Awakening Desire among South Koreans

Koreans had been known for their wild approach in sex in history. When Japanese occupation walked out of their barracks 100 years ago, they were shocked to see every Korean women had their breasts revealed in their entirety, though otherwise clothed. The Japanese swiftly issued an ordnance which effectively ended a thousand years Korean culture.

When Hyundai competes directly with Toyota and Samsung ravels SONY, Koreans are picking up their national confidence.

They used bomb to demolish a most magnificent palace built during the occupation a few years back. Last year, an official national committee sorted through historical document to compose a list of Korean 'collaborators' during the occupation. Those people and their decedents were prohibited from bidding for government contract. This year, a first ever 'nude beach' is set up to rock the Japanese as the capital of sex in the world.

All nude stage plays have become a new fashion that every Korean must see. On the menu next month, it's the all nude drama "When Professors Met Female Students". Commercials bragged out bright illumination on private parts with spot lights.

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