Monday, December 07, 2009

Racial Violence Trageting Asian Students Reported at Philly High School

Asian students at South Philadelphia High School was attacked by black students in the school cafeteria. The school is comprised of about 70% blacks and 20% Asian. Victims said they noticed a group of African students gathering in the school cafeteria that day and was reluctant to go to lunch in fear for their safety. However, they were urged by school officials, mostly black, to go. Once they entered the school cafeteria, they were ambushed by black students. Before the school cafeteria attack, Asian students had been attacked many times by black students near and off campus.

The incident exposed yet another facet of prevailing school violence in troubled communities. No more than one month ago, a school child was beaten to death by fellow students on his way home in Chicago. Last week, a San Francisco girl was drugged and gang raped by 20 some fellow students on campus, with more watching. In both cases, African American students were abused by African American students. While the school officials in Philadelphia should examine over the handling of the racially charged attacks in Philadelphia, they should also look into how to attract African American students with interests and hobbies away from violence.

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