Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Top 10 Chinese Internet Incidents in 2009

  • The Terminal reality show
    Chinese citizen Mr. Feng Zhenghu was kidnapped by Air Japan with brute force from Shanghai in November 2009. Feng refused to enter Japan and chose to camp in the airport. With one cell phone, Feng was able to update his twitter feeds to allow thousands of fans real time update of the development. Feng is a social activist who help poor city dwellers in Shanghai. The Chinese government was annoyed by Feng's frequent criticism and asked Japanese government to take Feng out of the country.
  • Persecution of online criticism
    Multiple lawsuits were filed by prosecutors across country to deter online criticism to government officials. Some posters were thrown into jails.
  • Caonima
    In defiant to the government's censorship in name of cleaning out indecent Internet contents, Chinese Netizens created new words by composition of forbidden characters.
  • Qishima
    PedXing safety was brought into attention after Hangzhou police faked the real speed of the car which caused the death of a new college graduate. Qishima literally means 70 km per hour.
  • Deng Yujiao
    Waitress Deng Yujiao was sentenced when resisting gang rape from communist officials. Deng became an icon of a lower level people's courage to stand off exploiting from the government.
  • Officials behavior scrutinized
    A Henan senior official was quoted asking a reporter, 'Who do you stand by, the Party or the People?'
    A Nanjing official was singled out when one of his work picture was put online, in which he was seen smoking a $1000 dollar cigarettes.
  • Mass network blocking and the defeat of 'Green Dam'
    All Web 2.0 sites were blocked in China, including Wikipedia, Twitter, Youtube, Pacasa, among others. The government also requires all computers sold in China must have a filter program Green Dam pre-installed.
  • Under water traps
    The country was stunned after two college students died trying to safe drowned kids. It turned out each segment of the Yangtze River was controlled by a local savage company, who made money by killing swimmers than asking high price to savage their bodies.
  • Farmsville popular among white collars
    Government employees are indulged with an online gardening program (usually found as add-on component at social networking sites), in which people plant in virtual world.
  • Citizen challenge unfair treatment with help from the online community and courage to cut open own chest
    A Henan man opened up his chest to show journalists his miner's lung after denied treatment by government agencies.
    A Shanghai resident cut his fingers to vow he was innocent after being wrongfully caught a government sting operation.
    A Sichuan entrepreneur set herself on fire (and died) to protest government eviction for commercial development

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