Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lu Gang's Death Note Published

Lu Gang, a Chinese student from Beijing with newly minted PhD shot and killed his adviser Dr. Goertz, Department Chair Dr. Nicholson, another space plasma physicists Dr. Smith, and his fellow Chinese oversea student (once roommate) Dr. Linhua Shan on Friday, November 1, 1991. One other person was shot dead and a student worker was left paralyzed.

The University of Iowa shooting had been a controversial from the beginning, partially because the police chose not to publish the entire contents of many death notes Lu wrote to varies local media and his family in China. Some believed those letter would have revealed under the counter trades of academic affairs and portrait Lu a victim and an Ivy Robin Hood.

Twenty years later, the letter from Lu to his family came to light. In the letter, Lu partially blamed his parents for not having money and connections to place him in a better position.

Coming to the States to pursue a PhD degree on full financial assistant-ship is a dream of few Chinese in the 1980s, while Lu lived it. What made him think he deserve more?

Having read the letter, The Seagull believed once and for all, Lu is a villain, not a hero.

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