Saturday, October 15, 2011

Simply Incomprehensible

The absurdity of the CCP's ruling can only be surpassed by itself.

A Chinese fighter-bomber JH-7 'Flying Leopard' crashed when performing in the 2011 China Xi'an International Air & Space Exhibition. One pilot was believed dead, another one was seriously injured. The PLAAF issued a statement that no military airplane took part in the performance. It would be a surprised, since not every one is allowed to own/operate an actively advanced fighter in today's China. However, the real shocking news came 24 hours after the accident, and 12 hours after one of the key mothpieces of the Central Propaganda Department, the CCTV played the video footage of the crash, the other mouthpiece the People's Daily denied the crash, citing reports from overseas media. The newspaper reported although there had been an in air issue with mechanical problem, the JH-7 landed normally and both pilots were safe.

A Shanghai resident was beaten to death at his home in Shanghai by local election officials two days ago on Oct 12, 2011. Hang Hongqi of 650-1, Jingyuan Rd, Hongqiao, Jiading District, Shanghai was beaten to death when he refused to sign the election ballots delivered by officials.

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