Saturday, October 15, 2011

We Took Linyi

Linyi had been conquered, claimed at least by two individuals on the weibo, Chinese knock-off of Twitter. Details not known yet, but the two successfully get into the village of East Shigu, where blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng had been jailed in his own house. They were not able to enter Chen's house, which was guarded by more than 900 police and thugs hired by the government 24 hours. They were the first visitors who were able to sneak in and out without being beaten by police.

At this time of writing, 63 teams of 5 or more are on their way to Linyi to rescue Chen. This is a moment that will go into history books. In previous 2 years, many rounds of rescues had been folded by local police with brutal force. Rescuers had been robbed, beaten and some jailed too.

Chen, a free man, was locked inside his own house unlawfully by the government, because he spoke out for victims of forced abortions (130,000 in Linyi Prefecture alone).

In a recent incident, on 10/12/2011 in the Central Medical Center of Lijin County, Dongying Prefecture, Shandong Province, a six-month pregnant woman was visiting her O.B. when police rush in to performed a forced abortion, with NO MEDICAL PERSONNEL present. The woman was found dead six hours later by her family, lying on a table alone around 10:00 that night.

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