Sunday, November 13, 2011

How Chinese Law Enforcement Officers Enforcing the Law

A surveillance video camera caught a scene when two Chinese law enforcement officers gave a hotel front desk girl a lesson. youtube, and youtube (same, just in case first one removed by CCP)

One officer of the Law Enforcing Bureau called in to book a room. The officer was annoyed when the girl started taking down his information, because 'everyone should know me'. "I will be there in a minute", he said, and a few minutes later, he came in to beat the girl with stationary, computer screen and chairs. Then more officers rushed in, joining him to fist, kick the girl.

When asked by reporters, the Central Propaganda Department of the CCP responded that there had been worse cases happened in the US.

The video was leaked out recently, though dated 4/20/2011. The incident happened in Hekou District of Dongying City of Shandong Province. After the video went viral on the Internet, one of the officers, Mr. Zhang Zongguo received a warning by the local CCP (DongHeGuang CCP 2011-4). And that was the end of the story.


David said...

I remember watching this on Youku quite a while ago, but don't recall it has anything to do with the central propaganda dept.

In the video, there's only one guy who works for local law enforcement bureau. The other, according to the girl's boyfriend and suggested by Qilu Evening News(link below), is 'unemployed.'

In fact the incident is widely reported at the time as I recalled and the video can still be seen on many sites including Youku.

Some references:

Big Brother Chang (张二哥) said...

Yes, the video was dated in April, 2011. Two officers and one friend of the officers were caught by the camera beating the front desk girl. One of the officers received a warning by the local Party, correctly stated in the blog.