Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Second Village Head Publicly Executed

65 years old You Ji'an was elected the head of village of Foguang (Buddha Aura), You Township, Xinhua County, Loudi Prefecture, Hunan Province.

You's body was found in the Zi River 100 miles away after he was last seen in the government building of Xinhua County, where You went to visit the County Party Chief after obtaining a correspondence [No. 201101120270] from the National People's Congress. Surveillance video showed a motionless You was carried out by six guards in the middle of nights and inserted into the truck of a car with license plate XiangKF9x53. The car belong to the commanding officer of the guards, Mr. Yang Haidan.

Police argued You was still alive although not moving at the time, although a medical examination showed broken bones and bruise inside skull. Police stated You was released somewhere away from the government building, and suggested You must fell the river accidentally by himself.

You was considered a troublemaker, because he often helped villagers in their petitions to higher authorities.

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