Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top 10 Chinese Internet Events in 2011

  • Detail account information of more than 600 million users of CSDN was released for download in December. Other sites Tianya, Renren, Kaixin and Weibo were followed. It is notable that all password are in plain characters without any form of encryption. It is suggested websites store plain password information because of censorship regulations.
  • Sina Weibo started 'real-ID' in major cities.
  • A young woman Guo Meimei showed off her luxury belongings on the Internet. She also claimed to be a manager with the Chinese Red Cross. The online community were outraged and many vowed never to donate a penny to the Red Cross.
  • Jobs' death was censored in China, after people raised the question, why China did not have such figures.
  • Chinese knock-off of Paypal, a division of Yahoo, was transferred to a domestic holders group, without go-ahead from Yahoo, citing national security concerns (VIE).
  • Pro-democratic netizens made numerous high profile attempts to visit blind lawyer, who was jailed in his own house in Dongshigu Village in Shandong.
  • The Chinese knock-off of Twitter, Sina Weibo, has become the de facto news media of the time. With over 300 million registered users, celebrates such as actress Yao Chen have as many as 15 million followers.
  • The bullet-train accident on July 28 ignited anger among Netizens.
  • School bus accidents in many places further saddened the online community, especially when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted a donation of school buses as foreign aids.
  • Many Chinese Internet companies went IPO in overseas stock markets.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Chinese Police BBQ Cats on Street

A group of Chinese police officers were seen barbecuing cats on road side. A reporter of the Southern Metropolitan took this photo on 12/21/2011, in front of the office building of the Patrol Unit of the Hongmei Police Bureau in Dongguan City of Guangdong Province.

An undercover reporter was dispatched after alerted by residents nearby. The officers told the reporter they caught the cat a moment ago. 20 minutes later, they walked in the police office building with the cooked cat.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Chinese American Solider Died in Hands of American Soldiers

Pvt. Danny Chen was found dead in October in Afghanistan, with a gunshot wound believed to be self-inflicted. Evidences were found that Chen had been subjected to physical abuse and ethnic slurs by others in his unit. American soldiers dragged him across the floor, threw stones at the back of his head, forced him to hold liquid in his mouth while upside down. Danny Chen was born and raised in Lower Manhattan, New York.

Asian-American community activists have been pleading the army to create 'an atmosphere in which Asian-Americans feel safe'. However, hazing towards Asian soldiers were wide spread beyond the Army.

Danny Chen was but one of numerous Chinese victims in the US military. Some reported, more might not be. Lance Cpl. Harry Lew was hazed by his fellow Marines, and found dead on April 3. The world wouldn't have known how Lew died, had not one other soldier came forward to tell the truth. Lew's parents were informed by the USMC that Harry Lew was killed the battlefield, quote 'supporting combat operations' unquote. Harry Lew was born and raised in Santa Clara, California.

Friday, December 09, 2011

A Court with no Brain

The US Supreme Court is reviewing a case which will decide whether a medical diagnostic method is patent-able.

Skipping to the point, sadly, it looks the court will go that path.

The Seagull is particularly disappointed by Justice Kagan's clueless comments in the court hearing, when she advised lawyers of one side, 'What you haven't done is say at a certain number you should use a certain treatment, at another number you should use another treatment.'

The argument at issue is Prometheus 'invented' a method to help doctors determine a proper dosage for a patient. The idea is straightforward: test the blood to see how much of a drug is present. It is alike a doctor order a patient to stop taking a medicine when the pain is gone, or stop taking another medicine when the body temperature back to 97.5 degrees.

Justice Kagan's comments went all the way to make people wonder the education quality of the colleges she had attended. Or perhaps the Supreme Court should conduct an IQ test before accept the next member.

Would someone patent 97.5 to make a profit, so that other doctors with less means could no longer mention that magic number? It's not a presumptive question, because similar numbers, such as particular protein structure, had already been granted patents by the US Patent Office. However, we have long known as a fact that the USPTO were filled with monkeys, no we learned about the Supreme Court.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Let it snow

Beijing welcomed the first major now of the year. The picture shows a soldier standing still on his post on the Tian'anmen Square.

While many admired his tense and strong posture, for some it is a mere reminder of the People's Library Army's role in the Tian'anmen Square Massacre on June 4th in 1989. The tough soldier is not guarding the people, nor the nation. He is guarding the communist party.

Striking visible is the fire extinguisher, which had been a standard issue for guards of key positions. So many people set themselves to fire to protest the injustice they suffered, and Tian'anmen Square had became a top choice because of the constant media attention it entitles.

There would not be a fire extinguisher ready in places less visible to media scrutiny. As a matter of fact, local officials often order killing or sometimes public execution to 'show an example' to the people. In Zhengzhou of Henan Province, TV aired a video showing officials ordered a bulldozer to run over residents protesting a demolish project (which later showed as illegal). When one resident was run over, the police blocked other residents to save the woman, until her death hours later. In Fuzhou of Jiangxi Province, another illegal demolishing operation sponsored by the local government, Family of Zhong was determined to protect their house with their lives. When the government's bulldozers came, they set themselves on fire. Again the officials on the scene ordered no one should rescue them, and many cameras (some belong to varied government agencies involved, many from other residents living nearby) recorded two people burning, jumping, rolling in pain, until they could not move and how police blocked other residents who tried to come close to help. The 50 years old mother died at the scene. Her 30 years old daughter was badly burned.

In the Fuzhou Zhong family case, one remaining family member was able to get away from police detention (she was charged of obstructing police operation when she tried to put off fire on her mother and sister), and barracked herself in a restroom when the police finally caught up with her in an airport. She was planning to go to Tian'anmen Square to set herself to fire to protest. She was able to send a few micro-blogs (Twits), and thanks to online community, numerous persons acted immediately and probably including some with connections to power, she was promised an investigation from higher-up.

The investigation confirmed the wrongdoings of the local officials. Two commending officers of the Yihuang County, County Party Boss Qiu Jianguo and County Mayor Su Jianguo, were removed from their posts in September 2010 in a high profile manner. The Central Government once again stated no violence should be used in evictions and demolitions.

Last week, Xinhua news reported the two officials were all assigned to new (higher) posts. Qiu Jianguo was promoted to the Director of Development of Fuzhou Prefecture, Su Jianguo was promoted to Director of Public Transportation.

A Good Kid, Sun Yue

Sun Yue, a four years old girl, looked at the reporter with an alert eye.  She was afraid the reporter came to adopt her from her parents.  Her parents had been talking many times to give her to someone else, so that she could have a better life.  Yue does not want to leave them, because 'who will take care of you if I am not here?'

Yue lives with her parents in a remote village named Bajiazi Tun(Eight Family Hub) about 100 kilometers from Harbin, Heilongjiang Province.  Both of Yue's parents are disabled and constraint to lying on the bed whole day.  The mother, Zhan Juan, got severe arthritis after fishing in cold water for years.  The father, Sun Yuemin, was hit by a construction site accident in June, and paralyzed from chest down.

The reporter found some coal bricks donated by some volunteers the previous day (after Yue's story made news).  Two bags of potato are the only vegetables for the whole family through the winter.  The room is icy cold, nor surprisingly in a house made by mud.  There is no table, not even a chair.  Her pants are torn with holes, and she was still wearing sandals in -17 Celsius weather.

Yue was the only one in the family that can got off the bed.  Four years old Yue's daily routine includes making fire, cooking, washing clothes, feeding her parents, attending her parents.  Since the father's accident, the couple had been discussing giving little Yue to some other people so that she can live a child's life.  Yue refused, 'who will take care of you if I am not here?'  After the conversation, Yue is feared whenever she sees strangers in the house, as she is afraid he may adopt her to another family.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Power of Education

While US higher education institutions are struggling between the moral of not be evil and the money they can collect from training public officials of regimes in the world, one argument is often cited, at least it is one way of applying influence.  Certainly, it is not the case for University of New Haven on a student name Li Qun from China.

Li was named one of the most notoriously brutal communist official who is responsible for hundreds of thousands of death enforcing family planning policy in China as the top official and Party Boss of Linyi, and then Qingdao City.  Most recently, he is identified as the one who is behind the torture of blind lawyer Chen Guangcheng.

Li was a student in the University of New Haven's public administration program back in 2000, and also served as a special aid to mayor John DeStefano Jr.  He wrote a popular book 'handshaking with a US Mayor' after returning to China.

Not to mention that most the 9/11 terrorists were trained in the US aviation schools before they piloted planes to hit major US targets.

Li's US background made him a shining star in the Chinese bureaucratic system.  Evidently that did not change a bit of his beliefs, and he did not even blink before pulling triggers on another innocent Chinese.