Monday, January 30, 2012

A Disturbing Picture

A volunteer for the orphanage Children's Hope Foundation of China posted a disturbing picture. Posting a picture of this nature online probably crossed the legal boundary in many countries, therefore it will not be included in this post. However, here is a brief description: a 4 years old child (Yiyi) was laying on a bed, with her chest open top-down. A gloved hand was also in the picture, taking an organ (the heart or the livers) out of her chest.

    Now, the questions:
  1. The child was laying on a flowered quilt, and the background of the room showed shattered dirty cartoon boxes. The lighting was deem. It could not be a scene of an E.R., or any operating room. It could not be in a coroner's office. Where was it then?
  2. There was fresh blood on the child's face. Lots of them. Is there a reason to perform autopsy minutes after the death?
  3. The secene was positioned to show the child's face, body, and the organ in one composition. It is in good resolution. What is the purpose of taking such picture (except to prove the owner of the organ that was just taken out)?

About the whistle blower: Ms. Wu graduated from Capital University of Medical Sciences. She volunteered in many charity organizations. She also operated a medical equipment company, Beijing Shangdeguangye Medical Equipment Ltd.

Wu also posted a picture showing the child, Yiyi, playing with her a few months ago at the orphanage. After she learned of the child's death, she contacted the Children's Hope Foundation for information but her requests had been repeatedly denied. Another person, Shanghai based also posted she had been served an order to seal regarding this case.

Reader may follow Wu Xuxin's weibo account to check out the image. However, be warned that it is unbearable graphical. And be warned again. It may also be found here before it is censored.

While the head of the Foundation Ms. Zhang Wen responded more time would be needed before all information could be gathered and confirmed, notable writer Xu Zhirong, with online nicker Routangsen or Fleshy Tang Monk, revealed that he learned the Children's Hope Foundation charges adopting families from the US $19,150 plus RMB 35,000 for each child adopted from the orphanage. Also, the foundation has a contract with a linked travel agent that all adopting families must use. Xu demanded the Foundation a candid answer on how much money it made in the child trafficking process.

According to its website, the Children's Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization, which has started providing service to more than 4600 needed children since 1992. It was officially chartered in on 3/29/2010.

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