Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Apple: too Far to Turn Back Now

This morning Rush Limbaugh lamented the reason Apple couldn't move their iPhone assembly line back to the US was because of, what else, the Union. The topic was brought up by a leak of discussions last February at White House between Steve Jobs and President Obama. Basically, Apple told Obama there was no way to bring Apple's assembly line back. It's not a pure cost consideration, but rather based on the skills and management of the work force.

An ex-senior executive of Apple recalled the conversation and told the New York Times reporter that "the flexibility, diligence and industrial skills of foreign workers have so outpaced their American counterparts"; or in plain English, American workers were so under-educated, under-trained, with limited cognitive capacity.

He might as well say American workers were pigs. Had Obama realized that was not a joke, he would be on the right track to prepare the American workers for jobs.

The Chairman of Apple's main contracting company Foxconn recently revealed his secret in leading such a formidable workforce that are flexible, skillful and hardworking: to treat them as pigs. Terry Gou stated at a year-end party that his mentor would be the Director Chin Shih-chien of the Taipei Zoo in this regarding. As a matter of fact, he is tripling the wisdom down by inviting Mr. Chin to give a lecture to the company's mid-level managers to share his experience managing zoo animals.

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