Saturday, March 17, 2012

Public Radio Caught Fabricated Entire Investigative Report

During the budget wrestling last year, one item the Republican wanted to cut was the public radio. The administrated resisted, and valued the irreplaceable role of a government controlled public radio network. succeeded in keeping this government sponsored propaganda venue. Yesterday WBEZ, a Chicago based public radio station, was caught fabricated entire contents of an investigative news report regarding factory conditions in China.

The show, Mike Daisey's Story about Visiting Foxconn, was commissioned by public radio producer Ira Glass.

Through its 'This American Life' show, a program distributed through PRI, Public Radio depicted a horrified working condition of factory workers in China with a shortened version on January 6, 2012.

After the preview, although the station was alerted that the report was fabricated, the local correspondent cited 'Cathy' was not in existence, the public radio still went ahead to air the entire one hour show with the fake stories, but packaged it as a news item on March 16, 2012.

The faked story was a hit to become 'the single most popular podcast in the program's history. It amounts 888,000 downloads and 206,000 streams and widely cited as the utmost reality of factory conditions in China. Across America and in the world, numerous campaigns used the non-fiction report as a motivation to block Made-in-China products.

After the public radio was caught fabricating stories and then packaging it as a non-fiction investigative news item, Mike Daisey stated on his person blog that he 'stand by' his work, which uses a 'dramatic license'.

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