Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Returnee Leaped to Death

Thirty-nine year old Chemistry professor Dr. Cao Tingbing plunged out of a man's room on 9th floor of the Research Complex on March 16, 2012. Cao was the Chairperson of the Chemistry Department at the People's University (Renmin University) in Beijing. Born in 1973, Cao spent three years at Harvard as a postdoc researcher before returned to China in 2005.

Cao of Guangshan, Henan Province, graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology in 1996, then from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology in 1999 with a Master's Degree. Cao then received a Doctor's Degree from Beijing University in 2002.

Cao left a death note. It is said the main contributor of his death was work pressure and relationship with colleagues in the Chemistry Department at the People's University. Cao is survived by a little kid, and a jobless wife.

Dr. Tu Xubin, a lecture of Zhejiang University, also a returnee with a PhD from Northwestern University in Chicago, jumped to his death in 2009.

update: July 28, 2012

Professor Li Jianxin of Beijing University revealed that Dr. Cao committed suicide after seven of his colleagues in People's University turned him in to the Family Planning authority on his second child.

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