Saturday, July 21, 2012

Female Korean Judge Blocked Sumsung Pad

A federal judge banned Korean manufacture Samsung's Galaxy Pad from selling in the US, citing a patent dispute. A same claim made by Apple in the UK was thrown out by the court. Further, Apple was ordered to place a statement on its website to clarify that Samsung did not infringe upon its IP. Last month, an American federal court judge dismissed Apple's IP claim case

Korean American Judge Lucy H. Koh became a federal judge for the Northern District of California in 2010.

More than often, with few exception, Asian descendants go beyond reasonable to prove their determination to separate their past.

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Rimi said...

Actually, Samsung, based in South Korea, is trying to persuade the jury to find Apple’s patents invalid and to award unspecified damages for what it contends are infringement of its patents. I think people have right to know "what is the legal?"
Thanks, @Rimi from DC Adapters