Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gu tried in Anhui

The official Xinhua News reported that the Neil Heywood murder case had been started in Hefei, Anhui. British citizen Neil Heywood was alleged to be poisoned by Bo-Gu Kailai, wife of CCP's Politburo member and Charisma Party Chief in Chongqing, Bo Xilai. It is believed to be the largest political scandal in decades. It is rumored Shen Zhijing (Beijing) will join the legal defense team of Bo-Gu Kailai, along with Jiang Min (Anhui). Shen defended former Deputy Minister of the Public Security Ministry Li Jizhou. Jiang, being the deputy president of national association of attorneys, is not a trial lawyer.

Although it is understandable to have the case tried in a neutral third place, away from Bo's Chongqing, Anhui is still an interesting pick being one of the most poor areas lagging behind the nation. Why?

The answer is that Anhui is the hometown and power base of Chief Justice Wang Shengjun. Born 1946 in Suxian, Anhui, Wang attended Hefei Normal College in 1966, majoring in History. Due to the start of the Great Cultural Revolution in early 1966, Wang did not have much formal college education. Wang never took a course in legal related areas, and never worked a single day at a court. Still Wang was named the (ninth) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of People in 2008.

One month after resumed the Chief Justice position, Wang published a sentencing rule on death penalty, where are: 1) law; 2) security status; 3) social feelings. The three point guidance make many law experts puzzled.

Anhui Province is an interesting place. In a sense it is the miniature of China. A small province known for its poverty, Anhui has contributed to numerous famous people in Chinese history. Many scientists, businessmen, political strongmen come from Anhui in thousands of years, probably more than any other place in China. Yet, Anhui itself remained one of the most poor area with the most corrupt political systems.

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