Saturday, August 18, 2012

Only in China

More than 100,000 LEOs and active duty soldiers were credited for the killing of Zhou Kehua, a bandit who was assumed to be responsible for more than a dozen innocent lives in a span of a decade.

Although there are still questions and rumors remained to be answered, in particular whether the dead man was Zhou Kehua himself, for the record keeping purpose, it's safe to say that Zhou Kehua is no longer with us. The mighty government has a way to make sure that is how history remembers, one way or another.

However, look at the photos from the scene, depicting Chongqing residents rushed to have a look at the dead body. It is not surprising that the last time a red sun, Mr. Bo Xilai, rising took place in this inland region.

It's clear they could care less about whatever questions or rumors, what they do care was a free display of a fresh dead body, still simmering heat and dripping blood.

Chongqing, used to be part of Sichuan, was elevated to a provincial-level municipality in 1997. We knew there had been one good person in Sichuan, obviously it's in somewhere outside of Chongqing.

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