Sunday, September 16, 2012

Police Along Soldiers Tied to Riots

While rumor has it that many of the most violent protester who looted shops and burned down cars were strangers with out-of-town accents, here came photo proof.

In the following photos posted on Weibo, 20 some young men with same short hair style were seen marching to the scene in formation. They dressed casually as civilians, but many of them carried police communication radios (circled in red).

After yesterday violence breaking out simultaneous in dozens of cities, intellectuals on the Net were puzzled on how could it happen under the Communist Government's tight control. Many participants reported that more than half of the rioters were actually undercover policemen. Netizens were able to match one of the aggressors to a police chief, based on his official portrait. From the photos posted today, it seems not only police, but also military troops led the riot. Local police do not enforce the short hair style displayed in the marching formations. Undercover police officers have their signature dress code, too: messenger bags, as identified in many pictures.

As The Seagull had speculated yesterday, the show of violence was not about Diaoyu Islands, and had little to do with Japan in general. It's a show conducted by the Communist Party to convince ordinary people the importance of a strong police state. This is not a Kristallnacht, but the Reichstag Burns.


Another picture surfaced, despite their colorful civilian casual clothes where were seemingly grabbed from a migrant farmer's warehouse, check out their hair style, and the green armored personnel carrier half-covered in the back.

The communist government has been trying their best to make a case for heavy-handed police suppression.

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