Thursday, January 31, 2013

Gubernatorial Candidate Flexes Muscles to High School Student

A youth basketball team coach was suspended by one week for inappropriate post-game altercation with a referee.

According to Frederick News-Post, while the 17 year-old referee was changing shoes after the game, Coach Young walked to him, and hovered over him for a moment, before started blaming calls made by the referee during the game. Young exploded when the young referee told him to 'get off my face'.

Young told the newspaper, "I'm old school, and when someone disrespects me, I let my feelings be known."

A reader drumdigger1976 commented, 'Blaine is ...... a talented politician like Sarah Palin in that he knows how to fire up an ignorant crowd, but he has no real ideas and, more importantly, no real moral fiber. This is shown through his decisions to engage with prostitutes, drink heavily, gamble heavily, curse at minors, throw his political weight around, etc. I really have no idea why anyone would vote for someone with such a clear lack of decency and zero moral compass.'

Blain Young recently kicked off his campaign for the Maryland Governor with a initial fund of $447,000. Young is the current County Commissioner for Frederick County, after a short stint at the State delegate. Young's father was the mayor of Frederick City, and now a State Senator. Young's wife is the alderman of Frederick City.

When the story was first broke out by the newspaper, Young played victim, until the kid's mother came out to tell what had happened. Now Young 'decided' to call the kid to apologize. Not far from where Young stands, there was the 'Macaca' moment, which stumbled George Allen's presidential bid.

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