Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Universities Busy Defending Lawsuits over Grades

On the path of spiral dive of quality of higher education in the U.S., the justice system just can't stand on the sideline.

  • Megan Thode took Lehigh university to the court for $1.3 million over a dispute on a C+ grade she received from her fieldwork class.

    Megan is the daughter of a Lehigh professor Stephen Thode, and attended the school tuition free. According to local newspaper The Morning Call, the case was expected to settle.

    The irony is, the student attended York College, paid by Lehigh as part of her father's benefits, and went through a Master program at Lehigh tuition free, after the incident. The University helped her land a job after she graduated. And, as it appears, Ms. Megan will get a sizable chunk of the $1.3 million.

  • Less than two weeks ago on Jan 31, 2013, a court in Detroit awarded a Wayne State University student Tina Varlesi near a million dollars over a bad grade she received from a internship at the Salvation Army.

    Tina alleged her bad review was the result of discrimination of unmarried pregnancy from her supervisor at The Salvation Army.

    The irony is, as it appears, Ms. Tina's bad grade had nothing to do with anyone at Wayne State University.

.., all at the beginning of destruction of value of working hard.

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