Sunday, May 12, 2013

Seven Do Not Say

Colleges professors across China received directives that following seven phrases should not be mentioned in classroom. Notice that the wording 'mention', these phrases must be avoided altogether, not to say discussed.

  1. Universal values;
  2. Free press;
  3. Civil society;
  4. Civil rights;
  5. Past mistakes committed by the Party;
  6. Crony capitalism;
  7. Judicial independence;

The move is seen as an extension to the infamous 'Five Do Not Do' announced by former Speaker of the People's Congress Mr. Wu BangGuo two years earlier. In the annual session of the National People's Congress in 2011, Wu stated that China would not

  1. allow multiple parties competing for ruling;
  2. allow variation to party's voice;
  3. allow trias politica principle and congress with real power;
  4. explore federalism;
  5. privatize;

While the new core advocate for a 'Great Chinese Dream', Chill ran up spines for intellectuals in China.

Under Xi's leadership, China enters an era of Mao 2.0. In one hand, it places national interests above personal benefits; on the other hand, it excludes common people from entering the upper layer of the ruling class.

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