Sunday, May 12, 2013

Something About College Football

Blame it on Alabama. University of Alabama became the second team, after LSU tigers, to claim the national title three times under the BCS system, replying on an NFL coach Nick Saban with a $5.5 million salary. His bonus for 2012 over $1 million.

Scott Hirko of Central Michigan University found coaching salaries had been raising 10 times faster than academic instructional salaries since 2006. Seventy-seven schools offer their football coach salaries above $1 million in 2013. With shrinking federal and state contribution and looming economy, critics doubts the wisdom of school's investment in football programs.

A recent study conducted by Doug J. Chung, an assistant professor at Harvard University vindicated administrator's favoring of college football programs. Chung found a 17.7 percent boost in applications after a successful football season. To achieve a comparable bump, the university would have to either decrease tuition by 3.8 percent or attracting higher caliber faculty with 5.1 percent higher salaries.

Well, Chung did not mention anything about increasing existing faculty's salary, perhaps that's why administration did not do that.

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