Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tufts University Refused to Fire Researcher Who Conducted Illegal Experiments using Chinese Children

Tufts University completed an investigation on its researchers conducting illegal experiments using children in rural China. Today, the University confirmed the accusations. However, despite calls to fire the leading researcher, Tufts University refused to take action.

Tufts University admitted its researcher took advantage of school children in remote rural countryside China between age 6 and 8, by not telling them that they had been feed a genetically modified produce. Instead, they were told it was a central government sponsored free school lunch program.

The experiment also violated Chinese agricultural import control as well as a direct ban of genetically modified produce regulation issued by both provincial and state level agencies at the time. The Tufts University also fabricated ethics approval of a Chinese research institute in Zhejiang.

Tufts University's own investigation revealed the experiment violated internal rules as well as federal regulations. Still, the Tufts University decided to keep the researcher at the university.

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