Saturday, September 28, 2013

Chinese Student Arrested After Forked Female Chinese Student on Nose

Deng Chenxi, 22 year old, was arrested by Austin Police Department late night Wednesday. Deng stabbed a Chinese student in the Engineering Science Building with a 'fork'. The fork was struck onto the female student's nose. The student was initially treated by an EMT on the scene, then transferred to St. David's Medical Center. According to University of Texas, Deng was not a student at UT.

A witness Priscilla Chang said she saw a girl was bleeding and Deng being restrained on the ground by a group of students, "I saw the guy being pinned down by a few other guys, and he was going nuts... He was yelling some crazy stuff, but I couldn't really tell what it was - he seemed incoherent. He was fighting the guys trying to hold him down."

Information posted on MITBBS indicated that Deng was from Xinjiang and graduated from Beijing University. Deng's parents had been looking for Deng for days. He went to UT to visit a friend You Li last weekend, but did not return on time.

LinkedIn in shows Li You graduated from Beijing University with a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering in 2012. Li was enrolled in a Master Degree in Integrated Circuits and Systems in 2012 at UT. She interned at Freescale Semiconductor.

January 21, 2009, Virginia Tech, Chinese student Zhu Haiyang decapitated a female Chinese student Yang Xin at Au Bon Pain cafe with a kitchen knife in front of dozens of horrified patrons of the on campus cafe.

Update: Daily Texan has confirmed that the name of the female student is You Li.

Update: Police has confirmed the incident took place when a romantic relationship went sour. According to police, Chen followed all the way from China to track down his ex-girlfriend in a classroom after having audited multiple UT classes. The duo started an argument. According to police affidavit, Deng claimed that he forked the female student after being punched in face.

You's roommate Hongjiang Li said she was with You in a class on Wednesday night. She described how You had been trying to stay away from Chen, after Chen entered the classroom before class started. After class, You left to the hallway, and Chen followed.

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