Thursday, February 06, 2014

Youth Beaten to Death in India After Mistaken as Chinese

Nido Tania, a 19 year old Indian freshman in a private university from northeastern area, was new to the capital city New Delhi. He walked in a corner store in Lajpat Nagar, and asked the shopkeeper for directions. The shopkeeper thought he was a Chinese, and with help from some friends, beat Tania to death with 'sticks and steel rods'.

An Indian youth was beaten to death in the capital city of India, because he looked like a Chinese. And it went even worse, when police in New Delhi didn't care.

Tania was from a region Arunachal Pradesh near India's border to China. People from there look like Chinese. As a matter of fact, they are actually Chinese as the territory had been claimed by the Chinese government to be part of China. Regardless, it's shocking to learn that you could be beaten to death just because of your look.

Sophy Chamroy, a 22 year old college student, who also comes from that region said incidents like this 'happened every day in Delhi'. Recently there were three other cases when students from that region was beaten. In a fourth case, a 21 year old beautician was killed. 'We have little faith in the Delhi police', said Albina Subba an advertising writer from that region.

Police was at the scene on Jan 30, 2014 when Tania was beaten by the New Delhi shopkeeper but did not take action. When the police left, Tania was beaten again, and died the next day due to injury to his head and chest. Discrimination against students from northeast had been so pervasive and sever that the parliament specifically passed an anti-racial law. Nevertheless, local police chose to follow their heart/hatred against Chinese looking kids.

Indian police have not taken action, as of this time. According to media report on Feb 5, 2014, Delhi police refused to submit a postmortem report, which would be needed to trigger a criminal investigation. They are so proud of beating a Chinese looking youth, even when he came from northeastern India, as if they defeated a real Chinese army.

Students from northeastern regions have been protesting in Delhi. They message they heard, so far, has been 'go back to China'.

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