Friday, January 17, 2014

Starbucks Survived China

Despite the recent adversity, Starbucks Survived in the red China test. As a matter of fact, they passed the test by making themselves part of the red. At least, that's how Chinese read from a PR announcement released by the coffee mega corporation today.

After dozens of customers were found sick after taking a sip in a store in Beijing, Starbucks released an official through its PR department:

For our non-Chinese readers, here is a literal translation, with minimum adjustment to keep it most true and precise (the sentence structure is broken, as it is in Chinese, but you get the point):

Dear customers and fans of Starbucks:

Earlier today, on the feedback from patronages of the Dinghao Store in Beijing that caught the attention, we have provided a respond. This afternoon, senior supervisors of the Starbucks Beijing District had a good communication with those had been affected, and offered our caring and condolence, and will offer a special event when they will be able to experience and communicate with famous brewers, and will answer customers's questions and suggestions.

Starbucks always make it a priority to provide safe and good food and beverage. Appreciate fans and customers's support and love to us. We will keep working, as always to provide good Starbucks experience.

While some were saddened when they felt the company did not show a single thread of sorry or regret when dozens of its customers were ill, others were furious to see a symbolic of western life style had morphed into a communism outpost. The tone and language used in this PR release were exact what they would expect from any communist government agency after a tragedy.

Out of the 400 some comments so far, with few exception, all lashed on the ignorant attitude displayed in the PR release. Many questioned directly whether the company had been sold to the Party.

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