Thursday, December 08, 2005

Fudan Scissorhands, Update

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Little Bunny (right) is one of over 30(verified number, real number could be much higher) cats tortured and killed by cold blood Liangliang Zhang, a.k.a. ,yuhzll(Fudan BBS ID), a.k.a. Fudan Scissorhands(ID he registered after gouging out a kitten's eyeball with a pair of scissors) over a time period of less than 180 days. This is one of three pictures Bunny left to the world.

Now more about the incident and Liangliang Zhang himself has been made available. During an interview with East Morning, his father Baihe Zhang who is a senior officer in the People's Liberation Army, referred to himself as an 'senior intellectual' graduate from Yale University. With a physician's caring of details, he didn't fail to remind the reporter that Liangliang Zhang's grandfather was a senior Communism Party official. No wonder in an earlier encounter, Liangliang Zhang challenged the cat lovers to show him 100 million RMB ($12 million), or walk. He also praised that Liangliang Zhang has been 'brave' in handling the incident. The irony is, according to a posting by Liangliang Zhang himself, his father did not graduate from Yale University, but rather visited Yale one time in his life. When I was reading this, it is becoming clearer how a monster was raised up.

In an interview with University Weekly, a female Fudan student who refers herself as Xinxin (not real name) told the reporter her impression of Liangliang zhang was 'simple', 'fearfully simple'. Although she heard of some of Zhang's bad name such as release confidential information of online surfer obtained by his role as the master of the university BBS system, she could not believe Zhang did this to those innocent lovely kitten. According to Xinxin, Zhang is always polite with people, and even sometimes sky. On the other hand, Zhang is very smart, and active in social activities. Mr. Zhuge Hui, the associate director of the Fudan University Propaganda Department praised Zhang of being a high IQ student leader.

Little Autumn is another cat brutally abused and abandoned by the Fudan Scissiorhands. This is the only picture he left to this world. On October 20th, 2005, the cat lover MazelTov (Fudan BBS ID, her MSN ID is samanthamht1984)who rescued little autumn asked Liangliang Zhang whether she could visit the kitten. Liangliang Zhang replied her message saying little Autumn had been abandoned by his parents without his knowledge. MazelTov posted a blog that day, worried about little Autumn as it was chilly and raining outside. She didn't know little Autumn had already been tortured to death by the Fudan Scissiorhands. Another cat lover Bonypan (MSN ID), post a blog on December 3rd, 2005 vowing to revenge for his cat Jiaojiao who also fell victim of the Fudan Scissiorhands.

In additional to the Chinese online community, some traditional media as well as foreign language media also started to pick up the topic. Concerned readers can checkout from following links:

These two lovely kitten were among the dozens cats brutally tortured to death by the Fudan Scissiorhands. Their lives on this world were too short that they didn't even leave a name. We only know that they died within days, estimated from the interval before Liangliang Zhang "adopted" his next victim from the online chat room. However, they left endless memory to the animal lovers who rescued them on the street and looked for a welcoming cozy home for them. We were told a cat has nine lives to spare, and we can't even imagine what kind of abuses they suffered before their painful deaths in their short lives.

It is 30 Fahrenheit, feeling like 25 in Beijing when I am typing in my office with heater on. My cat is sleeping on my lap as usual. All the poor kitten could have asked is a little warm from the more powerful owners, Liangliang Zhang, and they were treated by cold sharp scissors.

This is yet another cat adopted by the Fudan Scissiorhands. Also she took everything she has with her when she left this world, although she can't take away our memories. And may the guilt of being an ugly human being stay in our hearts.

We also learned that Fudan University not only issued a prompt gag order on any information related to this incident, but they also called the students who revealed this to the outside and threatened them personally. Under the Communism system, Fudan University has jurisdiction over broad issues on campus. Their attitude is effectively an endorsement of what Liangliang Zhang did to the cats, which we angrily protest. However, under this system, the only way to have it corrected is communication with the Fudan University authorities. Readers can find the contact information of the Math Department of Fudan University in my initial report. You are encouraged to contact them for more information. More telephone numbers to call:

Department of Mathematics:
Communism Party Secretary: +86-21-65642340
Chairperson: +86-21-65642342, +86-21-65642344

Fudan University:
Communism Party Committee: +86-21-65642205
President: +86-21-65642240, +86-21-65642644
Propaganda Director: +86-21-65642610
Dean of Graduate School: +86-21-65643306
Provost: +86-21-65642273
Switchboard: +86-21-65642222, +86-21-65643333

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated, Mahatma Gandhi

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