Saturday, December 03, 2005

What did China do?

China has always been enjoying bad reputations on blocking information exchange over Internet, which was nicknamed 'the Great Firewall'. What exactly did China do to earn this name?

A Vegas based company Verso is contracted by the government monopoly China Telecom to supply techniques to block VoIP applications, including skype. China has long been accused of blocking information exchange on the Internet, however, it's always the western that came with the idea on how. One of my friends in China, work unfortunately works in the area of supplying VoIP to people, has to work on technique to subdue the western technology. Verso sucks.

Also, China has long been accused of being the origins of junk EMails. However, most of those EMails are US originated, taking advantage of unprotected Chinese hosts as relays.

Also recently, South Korea made a big deal on the quality of Kimchi imported from China. It turned out that all Kimchi made in China were produced by Korean factories run by Koreans, and operated by Koreans. In response, China inspected Kimchi made in Korea, and found just as many quality issues. Now many people in China stopped eating Kimchi.

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