Sunday, January 22, 2006

Jiang Qing: Others' Wives Prettier

Ms. Wang Guangmei has long been known for her beauty. She was the wife of former President of China (1959-66) Liu Shaoqi. In a book published by the Central CCP Archive, she recalled several occasions when Mao invited her to go swimming together. In one vivid depiction, she was putting on silk stockings in front of Liu before going to see Mao, which probably made Liu a little uneasy that he made a small comment. The two persons swimming continuted during July and August of 1959 when the CCP were holding a conference on Lu Mountain in Jiangxi Province. In a separate occasion, Mao enjoyed a day with wives of several CCP leaders when his own wife Jiang Qing came home. Jiang did not hide her annoyance and ridiculed Mao in front of all his women that "Others' wives are always prettier".

Seven years later, Liu was half beaten half starved to death in 1966.

Huang Zheng, Wang Guangmei Talks, Central China Communism Party Archive, 2006, ISBN: 7-5073-2024-3, RMB 45 Yuan. The book can be purchased online here.

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