Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tough Guy in Toronto

Via boingboing, this tough guy opened his driver side door while he was still driving, and threw whatever left of a two person meal to the groud in Toronto, Canada. A cyclist Leah who was walking up Agasta saw the scene. She picked up the meal, and handed it back to him. The tough guy then dumpped two cups of coffee on the woman's face, then beated her up. When he was tossing her around the car, her bracelet scratched a 1.2 cm mark on the clearcoat.

Hearing police serans closing in, the guy drove off the scene, but only returned to beat up the woman again as well as stomped her bike. That's when the photographer Hool noticed and started shooting. The tough guy charged the photographer with a baseball bat from his trunk.

Hool testified to the police as one of two witnesses, and then posted his pictures at the forum City Noise. The Canadian policemen talked her not to press charges. If you see this face someday, tell him that he sucked big time.

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