Monday, January 30, 2006

Leaders First

Remember the fire of 2005.

On December 8th, 1995, 288 school kids died in a theater fire. Many of those could have survived, if they were not ordered to remain on their seats waiting for the CCP leaders to walk out the theater first after the fire started. Thirty six teachers died too, trying to protect the kids, but none of the 26 leaders died or injured. The leaders either walked out while letting those kids sitting on their seats, or found safe harbor for themselves. In one such instance, Ms. Kuang Li 况丽, the associate Party education secretary got in a fire-proof room by herself. The room has a capacity of 30, she locked the door behind herself, left more than 100 kids crying for get in the hallway. Later, she had the courage to brag her 'survival skill' to local newspapers. These are memories that will haunt the soles of CCP members forever, if they even had soles.

Other who should have died, and the Seagull command for their miserable death:
Mr. Tang Jian 唐舰, associate director of regional education department, who issued the ordere that students remain their seats until all CCP officials left;
Mr. Fang Tianlu 方天录, the highest rank official at the scene. Not only he walked out, but left hundreds of kids behind, he didn't even notify the fire station on his trip home;
Ms. Zhao Lanxiu 赵兰秀, vice mayor;
Mr. Zhu Minglong 朱明龙, city education department;
Mr. Zhao Zheng 赵征, city education department.

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