Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dumbest Dam Engineers

The engineers and managers working on the 'three gorges dam' project were the dumbest in the world, and they exposed their stupidity in front of the world.

Yesterday, they were supposed to destruct the protecting dam parallel to the main dam. First of all, they couldn't do it by themselves, that they had to hire an Austrilian company to do the job. Secondly, they knew some 42 blasting caps were missing right before the ignition, but they thought it didn't matter. Then, with part of the protecting dam still standing in the river, they declared a total victory, and enjoyed a firecracker ceremony.

Now, their stupidity just make the work from unnecessarily difficult to impossible, because the river is already on the same level on both side, and another explosion could severely comprise the safety of the main dam, which cost $300 billion to build. History will remember the names who were responsible: Ma Shancai 马善才 chief manager of the explosion, 曹广晶 deputy project manager.

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