Friday, June 30, 2006

Toyota Oil Leaks, Update

Toyota apologized for the quality problem with engines made by its engine plant in Changchun. Reiz and Crown produced before 4/29/2006 will be fixed free and the warranty will be extended from 2 years 50 kilometers to 4 years 10 kilometers.

This is a rare win for consumers in China, thanks to Mr. Li Hongyu, a Ritz owner in Tianjin who sued Toyota for the horrible quality issue. On June 24, 2006 in a joint inspection, experts from Toyota's Changchun plant, where the problem engines were manufactured, acknowledged that Mr. Li's brand new Reiz was still leaking oil, even after a 6 hour engine service by Toyota.

This is merely another incident of the confidence crisis faced by Japanese car makers in China. In a wide spread online message, a Honda Accord were photographed as broken into two parts in a fatal accident after spinning into the road block in low speed.

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