Thursday, June 08, 2006

Most Disturbing Picture In the World

China's family plan law can be summarized as 'one child per family'. But that's not the whole picture. On a humane side, you can have another child if you marry again, or if you are a minority, or if both husband and wife are the only child in their families. It all sounds logical and reasonable in consideration of the population issue China is facing today.

However, the evil of the family plan law is the part that is not spelled in words. Besides the marriage, you still need a permit to give birth to a child. The permit is issued on a quota system to your employer or the residential committee. Even if you are married, and you do not have child, you can't be pregnant if you don't have the permit. For those who have to wait for the permit, it's embarrassing. Think of this, come to your boss to tell him that you 'plan' to do it with your husband in the next two weeks. If you did it before a permit can be secured, 'they' will correct it.

A woman from Henan province was carrying her first baby, without a permit. She was forced an abortion seven months of pregnancy. The baby cried, then died within minutes. Then 'they' charged her for a fee to have the child 'processed'. She did not have the money, so the child was left in a supermarket plastic bag on her bed. The woman's name is Wang Liping, 23. She lives in Diaoyutai Village, Guying Township, Huiji District, Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou is the capital city Zhengzhou of Henan Province. She was kidnapped by the local officials on May 31, 2005. The abortion was performed by Laoyachen Hospital. She was kept until June 3, 2005 when she was allowed to contact her family. Detailed story and more pictures can be viewed here.

If you wonder why this is happening in China, and I can tell you why. Had this happened to me, I would have killed every doctors, every nurses, every local government officials who did this. I will kill every member of their family too, along with their dogs, their cats, and their goldfish. Only then, will they learn.

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