Monday, July 10, 2006

Father's Mistress

A 19 years old college student alleged that her father had a mistress. Having mistress is not allowed for a government employee. The girl publicly asked the CCP central disciplinary committee to act upon.

The father, Mr. Wang Zhihua is a civil servant in Shandong Province. The daughter Wang Jing Wang Jing and her mother, now divorced went to provincial and national prosecutors asking Wang Zhihua be put into jail.

Several independent investigations of varies levels were launched, and all found no wrong doing of Wwang Zhihua. Still Wang Jing went to the press for public sympathy. Many media soon turned against the daughter after evidents surfaced contradicting to almost all of her depiction of the event. Nonetheless, Wang Jing continued her crusade on the Internet by setting up a website in name of anti-corruption.

Although it may sound weird to blame every evil on the CCP, but Wang Jing did cite the new ordering of the Socialism as a defense for her action.

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