Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dell allegedly falsified specification of XPS 1210 in China

More than 340 Chinese consumers are suing Dell for falsified specification of XPS 1210, a popular ultra portable laptop in Chinese market.

Mr. Xue in Beijing called Dell support when he found out the discrepancy between the specification and the laptop he received from Dell. Namely, the CPU T2300 was replaced with a less powerful T2300E (lack of vitalization, etc.). When Mr. Sun tried to contact Dell, he was threatened that although consumers could feel free to go to court, but Dell had good lawyers.

Mr. Sun in Jilin also accused Dell of fraud business. Dell claimed the computer comes with 256MB dedicated video memory, it actually has 64MB. When Mr. Sun tried contact Dell, he was hanged up upon for four times. Mr. Sun had recorded all conversations and will present to the court.

In a separate incident, a Dell laptop caught fire all by itself when sitting on a table during a conference in Japan. Shocked conference attendees quickly snapped some amazing shots with their cell phones. Those entertaining pictures had been widely circulated online.

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