Thursday, July 06, 2006

Hunan Resident Cited for Writing to the Government

A Changde, Hunan resident was summoned to the police station, and had to surrender a written apologize to get himself out of the jail.

As an effort of promoting 'electronic government', local government is encouraged to set up online portals. One Hunan resident posted on his local government portal to report a 'gambling street'. Out of the embarrassment of having an illegal business running right under their nose, the local government arrested the person. Link (Chinese)

The Net cops of Chongqing ordered all residents who access Internet from home to register at the government. Chongqing is one of the four province-level metropolitan in China.

Top three online communities in China, Tianya, MOP and Kaidi all adopted methods to constrain Netizens from posting controversial messages on their forums. In additional to monitor and censorship, Tianya restricted discussion on one topic to 100 posts. In the past, it could easily reach 40,000 posts on hot topics in a single day.

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