Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cat Killer Update, PKU fought back

The PKU library and the door of the room where the kitty was abused and killed when its head was smashed to the wall and left blood and brain tissues all over the place. PKU stated that Song was an exemplary student leader, a pride of PKU.

PKU alumni and alumnae around the world fight back the accusation that one of its medical student was heartless when he abused and killed a kitty in the school library in front of hundreds students and faculty.

Many reasoning have been suggested in the debate, including:
1) The initial handling of the kitty by the student Song Hanming, stretch the kitty with head in one hand and the tail in another hand was the typical training a medical student at PKU received in their first semester at school to kill, though it was regrettable that the student was not skillful enough to kill the kitty with one stretch;
2) A difference must be drawn between the behavior of a medical student and that of normal people, because a medical student would have to face death of animal and patients alike on a daily basis. Regardless the way Song abused and killed the kitty, it was only a reflection of Song's dedication to his career as a doctor, which requires no emotion in such circumstances;
3) Many people died of varies causes, and the death of a kitty really shouldn't have been raised to a level of public attention;
4) Animal killing is an essential component of higher education to instill confidence and self esteem;
5) Cat is not protected under current Chinese law;

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