Monday, December 11, 2006

Another Cat Killer College Student

A Beijing University student killed a 3 month old kitty in front of his stunned classmates and professors in the school library by throwing the head of the cat to the wall after abusing it repeatedly in he library.

Like the Fudan Scissorhands Zhang Liangliang(a Fudan University student who gauged dozens of cat's eyes out with a pair of scissors, and tauted himself as Fudan Scissorhands), this Beijing University student Song Hanming is a student government official and 'excellent' student according to spokesperson of the Beijing University. Song's mentor Professor Li of Beijing University told reporters of Shanghai based Xinmin News that the student was loved by his peers in Beijing University.

Song Hanming 宋韩明 enrolled in the medical school of the Beijing University in 2002. He is a resident doctor at the Beijing University Hospital when he abused and killed the kitty in the school library in front of the crowd. According to Professor Li, medical students at Beijing University are under heavy academic pressure, and it was perfectly understandable to kill some animals, such as a couple of cats to release the pressure. Professor Li further pointed out that this had been proven as an effective measure in reducing cased of patients abuse committed by medical doctors produced by Beijing University.

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