Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cat Killer Update 2, Tintin's Picture

More pictures of the slain kitty surfaced on the Internet. We also learned her name, Tintin. Tintin was a three months old white kitty living by the Beijing University Library. When she went into the library, she was killed by an angry medical student of Beijing University Song Hanming. Song first stretched Tintin with one hand holding Tintin's tail and the other hand holding Tintin's head. Then Song smashed Tintin to the wall in front of a crowd of hundreds faculty and students. Tintin's blood and brain tissue was all over the giant reading room.

The cat killer Song Hanming is a student leader of Beijing University. He is in his 5th of medical program, and currently serves as a resident doctor in the University hospital. The University responded to a press frenzy that Mr. Song was an exemplary student with excellent grades. Song's mentor at Beijing University, Professor Li said Song was a model student, and that this was only an effective technique to release pressure often used by medical students at Beijing University. Beijing University asked the press to leave the student alone to his study.

The pictures were taken days before Tintin's death.

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