Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Money Kills Poor People

Xiaolian (little lotus), a 10 years old girl, lived with her grandma and grandpa. Her Mom died when she was four years old. Her father is a lazy bone, who does nothing but hanging around on the streets. Every day in the morning, the 76 years old grandpa would harvest a bunch of bamboo, then the grandpa and the granddaughter would carry the bamboo to the local market. The 50 Kg bamboo would earn them not more than 20 RMB Yuan ($2.50).

Thanks to a TV program who shred lights on the poverty problem in China, Xiaolian's situation was made known to the outsiders. In a short time, a fund with more than 33K RMB Yuan donations was set up for Xiaolian's education as well as emergency medical expenditures of the grandparents. The fund was held and managed by a volunteer committee comprised of a local official, some local residents and Xiaolian's school.

Unfortunately, the money from responsible citizens with good faith did not bring good luck to the family. In order to take control of the money, Xiaolian's father starved the grandparents for four whole days, until the grandpa, his own mother committed suicide by jumping in a river.

The grandpa won't be able to take care of Xiaolian without grandma's help. How will Xiaolin live?

This happened in Xingfu Village, Huojing Town, Qionglai City of Sichuan Province. Xiaolian's full name is Luo Yulian. Her father's name is Luo Yunlin. Her grandpa's name is Luo Jingui. Her grandma throw herself to the river on June 17, 2007.

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