Monday, December 03, 2007

LSU for NC Game, It's Official

LSU fighting tigers will play in the National Championship Game of the NCAA College Football on January 7th, 2008 at the super dome of New Orleans.

In a magic-making evening for many, both #1, and #2 teams lost, and pushed couch sitting hamburg eating Ohio State to the #1 spot on BCS standing. (#5 (AP) | #7 (Coaches)) LSU ascended to #2 after beating #14 Tennessee 21-14 in the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta.

Luckily enough, LSU becomes the first time to play in the BCS title game with two losses. In the ESPN fan poll, however, LSU was seen by most, with sole exception of folks in the state of Ohio as the dominant team entering the national title game.

During the regular season, LSU fought 7 ranked teams, and beat 6 of them (lost to Kentucky on the road). Another team LSU lost to was unranked Arkansas. Topping #1 LSU made them a spot on both polls (#25 (AP) | #24 (Coaches)). While both losses happened after triple overtime plays, another record made by LSU in the season was unbeaten in the regulation. Despite a strong opening, LSU did not win all games easily. There were memorable nights. The tigers caught up a 3 points deficit in the last quarter in the game against Alabama coached by former LSU coach Nick Saban. And the 22 yards touch down with 1 second left that saved LSU against Auburn will surely be a unfading legend in the football history. Head coach Les Miles was honest and frank enough to admit that he was not aware the time left when he made the call.

What a year, what a show!

Geaux Tigers.

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