Monday, December 10, 2007

Who Wants to Be Chinese?

Apparently Chinese do not want to be Chinese, which is evident by the often bloody human smuggling from China to the US, Europe, Russia, Middle East and even Africa. The communism government does not want more Chinese. China does not recognize dual-citizenship. For anyone who holds foreign passport, an increasing trend among wealthy Chinese, they automatically lost their Chinese citizenship. The attitude is also reflected by the policy for nationality of oversea Chinese offspring: as long as either of the parents has permanent residency in a foreign country, their child will automatically loose opportunity of Chinese citizenship.

If any Chinese still hasn't got the hint, the communism government spells that out clearly with a reviving of a rule that all Chinese nationalities will have to be tested for AIDS upon entering a Chinese port. Chinese travelers in all airports, seaports, border train stations are humiliated with tube full of blood, while those who holds foreign passport enters China freely.

Chinese are known as diligent workers all around the world. They are often criticized for not taking the host land as homeland. Many of them work hard to make a fortune, but still choose to go back China when time is right. The ruling communism government must have read the news, and vowed to make corrections.

Fuck the Party!

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