Sunday, December 23, 2007

Top 10 Chinese Internet Events in 2007

  • Property owners Yang Wu and Wu Ping resisted real estate developers from demolishing their home with martial art, 5 star flag, barrels of gasoline and netizen support
  • Online video revealing Beijing high school students mocking their instructor in classroom
  • Naked photos of a white collar office lady sleeping with foreigners were leaked online. Shi Jing, assistant to CEO of Electrolux, was exposed with nothing on her young body when her foreign playboy sex-mate's online photo albums were cracked. Shi's naked pictures were among hundreds naked pictures of some dozens of other Chinese women.
  • Good Samaritan sentenced by Nanjing court. A citizen who tried to help an old lady fell at a Bus station was ordered to pay her medical expenses by a Nanjing court. The court questioned if he hadn't caused the old lady's problem why did he offer the help;
  • Shanxi Slave Labor. It had been many years that brick factories owners in Shanxi abducted young boys, mostly from Henan province, to be slave labor until a desperate father revealed this online and thus caught the attention of the higher ups in Beijing. Many earlier rescue attempt, even those made by TV stations were omitted.
  • The Information Ministry and Broadcasting Bureau announced 12/29/2007 that Video websites, (Youtube alike) will have to be stated owned, or state controlled before 1/31/2008. Many news spread by homemade videos shot by widely available video cell phones. Now the channel is closed;
  • Oversea Chinese discriminated for opportunities in China, as trivial as involuntary blood tests, as absurd as senior research position recruiting. Online revelations of these kind of discrimination had provoked mass demonstration in the past;
  • Mass shutdown of websites by the CCP propaganda department, including servers operated by oversea service providers before the Party Congress;
  • Bakers lost guardianship of Anna Mae He. Jack He, a self-promoted national hero, is collecting more money after acquired Mae;
  • Nightmare in Nanjing, a homemade documentary depicting the massacre of 400,000 Nanjing residents by Japanese occupation, was rescued for a permanent presence on Youtube by prompt donation from oversea Chinese students and scholars. The author Dr. Rhawn Joseph and his Chinese co-producer Haiyan Wu, however, were also put under spot lights of many of their conflicts with other scholars and anti-Japanese groups.

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